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GMER 2.2.19882
GMER is an application that detects and removes rootkits .

It scans for:
hidden processes
hidden threads
hidden modules
hidden services
hidden files
hidden disk sectors (MBR)
hidden Alternate Data Streams
hidden registry keys
drivers hooking SSDT
drivers hooking IDT
drivers hooking IRP calls
inline hooks

GMER runs on Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10

Version History:
This is list of changes for each release of GMER:
- Added support for Windows 10
- Improved files & disk scanning

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do I have a rootkit?
Answer: You can scan the system for rootkits using GMER. Run gmer.exe, select Rootkit tab and click the "Scan" button.
If you don't know how to interpret the output, please Save the log and send it to my email address.
Warning ! Please, do not select the "Show all" checkbox during the scan.
Question: How to create "3rd party" log ?
Answer: Tick "3rd party" option and then click the "Scan" button. After the scan you can use "Remove signed" and "Remove duplicates" options to filter the scan results.
Question: How to install the GMER software ?
Answer: Just run gmer.exe. All required files will be copied to the system during the first lanuch.
Question: How to uninstall/remove the GMER software from my machine ?
Answer: Just delete the exe file.
Question: My computer is infected and GMER won't start:
Answer: Try to rename gmer.exe to iexplore.exe and then run it.
Question: How do I remove the Rustock rootkit ?
Answer: When GMER detects hidden service click "Delete the service" and answer YES to all questions.

Question: How do I show all NTFS Streams ?
Answer: On the "Rootkit Tab" select only: Files + ADS + Show all options and then click the Scan button.
Question: Can I launch GMER in Safe Mode ?
Answer: Yes, you can launch GMER in Safe Mode, however rootkits which don't work in Safe Mode won't be detected.
Question: I am confused as to use delete or disable the hidden "service".
Answer: Sometimes "delete the service" option wont work because the rootkit protects its service. So, in such case use: 1) "disable the service", 2) reboot your machine, and 3) "delete the service".

Use the following address:

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