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Free Mars
Turn based strategy game about colonizing Mars.

It is the year 2077, for the first time in its history mankind has finally began the colonization of another planet. Will the pioneers from Earth succeed in colonizing their new home or will they fail to survive against the harsh and inhospitable conditions of the Red planet?

Version (February 27, 2016) ----- * Diplomacy dialog updated. - Offer alliance, offer peace and declare war added. - Offer gift option added. - Exchange maps option added. - No negotiation allowed with the Expeditionary force. * Diplomatic relations start turn added, related information dialog added. * Diplomatic relations normalization per turn added. * 1 militia are added to startup units. * AI player properties added. Player save data bug fixed. * End turn button dimensions updated. * Image manager updated. * Expeditionary force info dialog resized. * Expeditionary force update dialog resized. * Map editor fixed. * Tiny and giant Mars maps added. * Terrain and vegetation types in pre-made Mars maps are standardized. - Plains 25% - Wasteland 20% - Swamp 15% - Desert 10% - Hills 10% - Tundra 5% - Crater 5% - Ice 5% - Mountains 4% - Chasm & Misty mountains 1% * Vegetation types in pre-made Mars maps are standardized. Total vegetation is set to 35%. - Mutated cactus forest 15% - Giant mushrooms 13% - Martian scrub forest 3% - Martian taiga 4% * Logging added.

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303 1,937 Free Mars Team <img src=" Mars6_th.png"border="0"> Aug 16, 2016 - 12:04 13.9MB RAR 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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