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File - Download BeeBEEP for Mac OS X 4.0.0

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BeeBEEP for Mac OS X 4.0.0
BeeBEEP is an open source, peer to peer, lan messenger developed by Marco Mastroddi. You can talk and share files with all the people inside your local area network such of an office, home or internet cafe. You don't need a server, just download, unzip and start it. Simple, fast and secure.

Main Features:

Free: BeeBEEP is free and always will be.
Multiple OS: there are releases for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, OS/2 and eComStation.
Easy to use: BeeBEEP is a serverless application. Download, unzip and start.
Secure: encryption based on Rjandell Algorithm (AES).
Instant Messaging: chat with all people connected, group or single user.
Groups: create your favorite group of people.
P2P: send or share your files and folders (also by drag and drop).
Offline messages: messages will be delivered to offline users when they will be online.
Message History: all messages can be saved.

BeeBEEP 4.0.0
- Changed all the main user interface
- All the main options are now grouped in the Settings menu
- Added status description option in user list
- Added status tooltip on the user's avatar/icon
- Added a check and an alert on same nickname/account of the connecting users
- Added "DisablePrivateChats" option on beebeep.rc file
- Added "DisableFileSharing" option on beebeep.rc file
- Chats are now always opened in separate window (single or multi)
- Fixed bug on leave a group chat
- Removed game plugin interface
- Added Workgroups interface in Settings/Users menu
- Users can be also recognized by their hash
- Change local user option added in Settings/OnConnection menu
- Message are now sent with UTC timestamp and converted to local time when received
- Fixed save of the dictionary selected
- Hunspell library updated to version 1.6.1
- Added option to select custom icons and emoticons
- Automatic disconnection on system in sleep mode and connection on system wake up (only for windows and macosx)

Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
931 3,978 Marco Mastroddi <img src=""border="0"> Nov 03, 2017 - 11:15 4.0.0 19.94MB DMG 5/5, out of 2 Votes.
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